US Navy – Avionic Electrician’s Mate

  • Combat-zone veteran with Air Warfare board certification.
  • Ceremoniously promoted for exceptional leadership and shop management; a rare and prestigious event.
  • Member of the first shop in the Fleet to implement the navy’s version of Six Sigma, Air Speed.

Military Repair Shop Managament

Calibration Perfection on the Far Side of the World

A typical day onboard an aircraft carrier conducting combat missions sees hundreds of catapult-powered takeoffs and arresting wire trappings. Brutally intense events,  simply getting a jet on or off the flight deck places heavy stress on all flight components.

Accidents are prevented by thorough preventative maintenance & QA. AIMD, the carrier’s ten intermediate-level repair shops, use an assortment of classified test sets to find microelectronic errors.

These machines are highly sensitive tools that require frequent calibration state-side, requiring the calibration manager to have constant vigilance and remarkable preparation skills. In my shop, nothing less than a 99.99% accuracy would do.

Shop Leadership

Technical Inventory Management

Quick adaptation to shifting landscapes

Culture of Mentorship & Empowerment

Being ship’s company means constantly training a revolving door of junior airmen joining your ship for the duration of your deployment. Things that work on land don’t at sea, and everything is more complicated. Avionic shops can only support their attached squadrons by quickly onboarding and growing teammates.

NavAir/FAA/MIL-SPEC Technical Librarian

Quality Documentation (PubSub QE/QA)

A core requirement of engineering where a mistake can kill someone is following checklists and directions. As the shop librarian, I was responsible for ensuring that 30,000+ pages of guidance were up to date with NavAir and FAA guidelines.