UA & Catalyte – Senior Technical Lead

  • Force Multiplier & multi-team engineering leader.
  • Technical product owner for Post-Purchase funnel.
  • Agile methodology trainer.

Mentorship & Team Building

Workforce Development & Insourcing

Catalyte’s unique model discovers and trains future developers through a two year apprentice style program. Over these two years, technical leads such as myself mentor juniors into mids and mids into seniors. Soft skills are a central focus in addition to advancing their engineering mindset.

Often referred to as “inshoring”, Catalyte’s consultancy model always teammates to achieve breadth and depth in a way otherwise improbable over their two year commitment.

Custom Metrics for Unique Environments

TV Dashboard for Multiple Clients

Jira + Github reporting tool for Complex Workflows

Ecommerce Engineering

Post-Purchase & My Account

Ecommerce teams often coalesce around three distinct funnels: Category, Checkout, and Post-Purchase. My primary team, Camden, focused on the later.

Online Returns

Prior to this project, all North American returns started by customer’s calling Customer Service, requesting a shipping label, and taking a package to the post office.

Upon launch, this portal immediately cut down the volume of calls and increased UA’s Net Promoter Score. Additionally, $1 million was saved annually by limiting free returns to those who purchased directly from Under Armour. This created a side benefit of compelling 3rd-party retailers to “accept” legitimate returns from their customers, reducing backend costs.

You can check this service out for yourself, it’s largely the same.

UI Prototype

Order Validation

Label Generation

Transcending Silos

Hearding Cats

Common among all large corporations, convincing teammates from multiple departments to move in the sme direction at the same speed is a challange. Throughout my tenor at Under Armour, my teams were more productive primarily becuase I was able to break down these hidden barriers.