Random Ally – Startup CTO, Co-founder

  • Researched, architected, and rapid-prototyped a rewards-based small business crowdfunding platform, similar to today’s Kickstarter.
  • Authored a 65-page patent on a crowdfunding risk mitigation.
  • Pitched and promoted startup to potential investors & users.

Business Crowdfunding

Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012

In 2012, Congress and then-President Obama instructed the SEC to prioritize the modernization of “sophisticated investor” laws so more Americans could invest in private equity style markets. This law was significant as the SEC’s policies still reflected the government’s response to the Great Depression.

With the fast and easy flow of information Web 2.0 brought to America, the average citizen suddenly had access to information previously out of reach. Random Ally aimed to be the bridge between small business growth improvements and bank financing.

Our platform, Fund the Republic,  facilitated audited multi-party investments and payouts years before offers such as Stripe Connect.

On the back end, a triad of services and offerings provided reward distribution management, offering insurance, and IRS/SEC compliance.

Launch partners were sourced from the Baltimore & DC metro areas.

Promoting a Startup

Hustle and Follow-Through

Already entering a crowded marketplace, Random Alley needed to get the word out or die trying. In my final year at the University of Baltimore and post-Navy, I took advantage of the school’s connections.

During the next two years I attended every conference, pitch opportunity, and political meeting possible.

Pitch Competitions

On-The-Ground Research

Government Advocation