Magical Traders – Open Source Project

  • Academic in nature and not-for-profit, this project features automated product collection, data cleansing, and posting to social networks.
  • Human involvement has been reduced to < 10% of total overall effort.
  • Safeguards keep services online on failure and throttle requests to retailer’s websites.

Ml/AI Image Recognition

Buy vs Build when Choosing the Right Model

Engineers starting an image recognition program today have options only dreamed about a few years prior. What used to require hundreds of hours of TensorFlow training can, for the right projects, be outsourced to Model as a Service companies.

The largest and most advanced MaaS provider is Google Cloud AutoML Vision and the one I’ve chosen for this project.

It’s best feature is, arguably, automatically choosing the right pretrained model for your request. For projects which don’t require massive data sets this works great.

Creating Comprehensive Training Sets

Getting started with machine learning is easier than many may think, so long as you think ahead.

Automated Ecommerce

Machine Self-Service

Using a combination of lambdas, business logic, and Redis or CouchDB caching, it’s possible to take a snapshot of a Product Data Page (PDP) and extract/transform the markup into a REST endpoint.