Engineering team builder, founder, visionary

The worlds of engineering, global business, and human development have a natural flow equal to a “chaotic mess.” As a purpose-driven polymath, I endeavor to be eyes on, hands off enabler who creates the ecosystems that drive both top-line growth and margin protection. I seek out the hardest challenges available and through grit, logic, and creativity accomplish the unlikely. I am a humble student of behavioral science, servant leader, visionary, entrepreneur, and veteran.



Fixt: Strategic and operational planning, contract management, vendor and partner relations, procurement, departmental budgeting (CapEx / OpEx), salary and career administration, all phases of the hiring process, etc. React Native, iOS, Android, Ruby, firewalls, vpns.

Pandora: Azure, Machine Learning, AI, CRM, Docker, Kubes, GraphQL, Security, Pen Testing, React, PWA, API, Compliance, GDPR.

UA + Catalyte: Javascript, React, Angular, Node, WordPress, PHP Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, AWS Full Suite DevOps, Google Cloud, Mongo, MSSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, CSS/Less, Material Design, ES6, ES5, CommonJS, Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Github Enterprise, Gitlab, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, microservices, PostCSS, digital marketing, analytics, PCI compliance, Google Maps, Stripe, Facebook, Dynamic Yield, Branch, Algolia.

Philips: Typescript, Javascript, Angular, CSS/Sass, Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design, Webpack, Gulp, Git, TFS.

ZeroFOX: Angular, WordPress, PHP, Python, Django, Shell, CSS/Less/Sass, Bootstrap, Material Design, Docker, AWS Full Suite DevOps, big data, microservices, digital marketing, analytics, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Facebook api, Twitter api, Instagram api, Pinterest api, Marketo.