Matthew Torin Taylor

Fifteen+ years of experience leading teams and designing scalable platforms inside enterprises and startups.

A committed force multiplier, my globally distributed, high-performing teams of teams deliver more potent results. Combining grand strategy with a focus on tactical execution, I bring breadth and depth to mission-critical projects.

What I Do

Force Multiplier, Mentor, Servant Leader

Platform & Solutions Architecture

Strategic & Tactical Planning

Diplomatic Consensus Builder


Associated Companies


15+ Years of Experience



VP, Engineering Innovation

Focused on the growth of individual contributors and team leaders into high-performing and cohesive teams of teams. Force multiplier, mentor, and servant leader.

Strategic and tactical planner for enterprise engineering program management with projects spanning the entire SDLC. Contributions include end-user research, solutions architecture, road mapping, agile delivery, rapid prototyping, engineering production, quality assurance programs, and ongoing support.

Maxillosoft creates the first “modern” practice management system for the client’s market. HIPAA compliant and featuring HL7/FHIR APIs, this PMS serves blazingly fast centralized cloud SaaS apps, such as electronic medical records (EMR), insurance verification/billing automation, patient forms, remote admin, and more. In the event of an internet outage, each office can operate independently on its locally synchronized server.

Corrie Health pushes the boundaries of doctor-patient care for cardiovascular disease patients. Utilizing iOS and Android native mobile applications with isolated Kubernetes clusters, Corrie’s guided recovery protocols reduce readmissions by a third. Corrie was featured prominently in Apple’s keynote during their 2021 global conference.

Relatient/Everseat provides self-scheduling and provider waitlist options for medical appointments. Integrating with Epic, Athena, Cerner, and Allscripts, Everseat was used by large healthcare networks during the COVID crisis.


VP, Engineering

Focused on advanced metrics, growth mentoring, & specializations to boost team performance by 30% YoY.

Operational planning, contract management, vendor relations, procurement, budgeting, and career admin. Reconstructed high human touchpoints into automated actions, reducing Customer Service staffing by 18%.

Pandora Jewelry

Agile Architect, Global B2B

Worldwide engineering leader for Pandora’s B2B Ecommerce, Dynamics, Azure, and Tier-3 Support teams.

Responsible for day-to-day operations and program management of the company’s largest sales ecosystem which facilitates ~5 billion USD in annual sales across 32 countries in EMEA, APAC, LATAM, and AMER/NA.

People manager for 30 FTEs and consultants.

Designed & led initiatives to create a highly sophisticated next-gen global wholesale ecommerce platform.

Under Armour

Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead

Engineering owner for the Post-Purchase funnel, Apple Pay, and PDP PayPal on NA.

Redesigned the My Account experience, bringing automated return label generation. Connected this new Online Returns experience with SAP ERP to help UA save one million dollars annually on return shipping.

Professional and soft skills mentoring for engineering consultants. Guided 37 teammates on developing goals, overcoming hurdles, and conflict & stress management, reducing churn by 78%.


Senior Technology Lead

Senior engineer for backend platforms, social networks, and employee management systems. Oversaw projects of 23 engineers each. Mentored junior, mid, & senior developers. Assisted dozens in transitioning post-layoffs.

Philips Healthcare

Software Engineer

Engineer for Philips' eCareCoordinator offering. Partnered with in-house clinicians to produce focus groups regarding Creative's refresh plans and created rapid prototypes toward a UI/UX refresh.


Full-Stack Engineer

Teammate #15 in the first enterprise social media cybersecurity platform. Co-architected v2 platform's interaction paths and user experiences. Spearheaded technical reboot of all corporate digital properties.

Random Ally

Technical Co-Founder

Lead design and development of a crowdfunding platform startup that focused on small business funding. Startup Maryland winner. Submitted a patent for mitigating risk in a crowdfunded service offering.


Marketing Automation Developer

University of Baltimore student consultant. Worked with small businesses developing and promoting small-platform websites in ecommerce, food/beverage, event management, and social cause missions.

Taught others programming basics at Meetups and code camps.

Created two WordPress plugins released on Envato's CodeCanyon marketplace.

Education & Service

University of Baltimore

B.S. in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship

Bob Parsons Scholarship recipient.

United States Navy

Aviation Electrician's Mate

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Awards & Recognition


Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Project CH featured prominently at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference during the 2021 keynote.


RealLIST Engineer - Best of Baltimore

Baltimore's 2020 RealLIST Engineers winner.


Startup Maryland Winner

Random Ally's Fund the Republic won this state-wide pitch competition for its crowdfunding web app.


Program & product management, machine learning, automation, headless cms ecommerce, Zero Trust security, GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, FHIR, privacy and data governance, master data, single view of the customer, DAM, PIM, SPA, PWA.


JavaScript/Node, JSON, Ruby, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, NoSQL, SQL, GraphQL, REST, Elasticsearch, Bash


React, Next.js, Strapi, Expo, Cypress, Puppeteer, WordPress, SiteGenesis, Storefront Reference Architecture


AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Cloudflare, Vercel, Heroku, DataDog, Terraform, Docker, DNS, autoscaling, microservices,   message queues, Redis, DDoS protection, rate limiting, WAF, proxy tunnels, performance monitoring, synthetic testing, load testing, backups & disaster recovery

Services & Integrations

Github, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Marketo, Stripe, Algolia, Google APIs, Segment, MailChimp, Sentry, Browserstack, Demandware, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, CircleCI, Jenkins, Buddy, Pantheon, FedEx, Canada Post

AWS Services

EC2, Lambda, ECS, EKS, Fargate, ELB, auto scaling, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, RDS, Aurora, Cloud Search, Elasticsearch, Redshift, Lake Formation, Timestream, Device Farm, API Gateway, Route 53, Rekognition, Global Accelerator

GCP Services

IAM, Service Accounts, Beyond Corp, App Engine, Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, Cloud Storage, Bigtable, BigQuery, Looker, ML Vision, Cloud SQL, Network Security, API Gateway, Endpoints, Source Repositories, Deployment Manager, Container/Artifact Registry, Cloud Tasks, Monitoring, Debugging, Profiling, Trace

Azure Services

Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, AKS, Functions, Azure DevOps & Pipelines, Multicloud, Active Directory, Visual Studio App Center, Cognitive Search, Blob Storage, Web Apps, PubSub, Power BI


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